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Ok this is a fan art by me and an amazing fan fiction by pankolicious16 !

I’m so happy for this collaboration <3

Lighting shot through the sky, illuminating everything in the small master bedroom of the house. Not three seconds later, thunder boomed, waking Jane up. The other side of the bed was cold; then of course, he is a Jotun. Jane sat up, and let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Loki hadn’t left, he was just sitting up.

"Is that him?" Jane whispered.

No answer.

"How long?"

"Less than an hour."

Jane scooted until she was right behind Loki, and bent her head to rest on his back.

"I’m sorry. I’m so so so sorry."

Loki whipped around, anger and sadness adorning his features. “Why are you saying that? I was the one who killed the All-Father and took his place. I was the one who let the disguise fall for a second in the throne room. I was the one who fled here, only to find the woman who “loved” Thor.-“

"But I was the one to fall in love with you, and I wasn’t about to give up on trying to get to Asgard. This is just as much my fault as it is yours. How did Heimdall find us?"

Loki paused for a second, then looked at Jane. Green eyes met brown. “Last night, my concentration slipped for an instant. That must have given Heimdall enough time to spot us.”

"What was the moment?"

"When you came downstairs in that dress."

Jane smiled to herself. She had bought the dress a week before, for a meeting with some of the top scientists in the world. Sadly, the meeting was cancelled, so Jane had worn it last night to dinner at the finest restaurant near them.

"Jane, i want you to listen to me. Thor’s going to be here any second now. He is going to try and take you, along with myself, back to Asgard. I can’t let him take you there. If Thor chooses to marry you, there is no stopping him. Even you can’t refuse. He may ask you to be polite, but he will marry you, no matter what your answer is. That is why I need you to run."

"Loki, please, I’m sure Tho-"

"THIS ISN’T A CHOICE." Loki took a breath, and began again. "I can’t lose you. You ate one of Idunn’s apples already. You chose to be with me. But not if I can’t protect you. That’s why I need you to run. I’m going to enhance the protection shield around you, and I’ll find you again one day."

Jane played with the sheets before muttering,” I have something to tell you. I’m -“

The rain stopped.

Thor had arrived.

Loki looked at her before starting to shield her.

The entryway door was broken down.

"Jane, no matter what anyone says about me, remember that I love you, and that I will find you again. I promise." Loki said before cupping her cheeks and kissing her. "NOW GO!"

Jane stood up and ran to the closet. With a flash, Loki changed into his full Asgardian armor, horned helmet and all. He stood up, and Thor came crashing in.

The blond-haired demigod looked at Loki before scanning the room. “Where is Jane Foster?”

Loki smirked. “After all this time, you still care for a mortal. Why don’t you go crawling back to Sif? I’m sure she misses you.”

Thor shot forward and pinned Loki against the wall. “I know she ate one of the apples. She needs to come back to Asgard.”

"I will never tell you where she is. Just take me back to Asgard. I doubt that I have many choices left. Either way, I end up rotting, don’t I?” Loki questioned. “Either in the ground or in a cell.”

Thor took a deep breath. “Jane, I know you can hear me. I am offering you a safe haven in Asgard. Whatever Loki told you isn’t true. He is being arrested for possible murder of the All-Father and impersonating him.”

He can’t see me. Jane realized.

After Thor received no answer, he took Loki outside. Jane followed quietly behind, and took Loki’s hand gently, she whispered something to him. For one last time on Earth, Loki smiled. Jane stepped away.

"Heimdall when you’re ready."

The Bifrost shot down, taking the Asgardians back home.

In the BiFrost chamber, Heimdall cleared his throat. Guards had taken Loki to the dungeons. “She carries child.”

Thor spun around. “Does my brother know?”

"They were her last words to him."

Thor bowed his head in thought. “The magic Loki used to shield her, can it be undone?”

"The spell is dark magic, and requires two lives to perform. The only way you would ever be able to see Jane again is to kill your brother."

"Can Loki undo it?"

"Only if he wants to die."

Thor left the chamber.

Nine months later

It was her first time outside at night. Jane had stayed in Puente Antiguo after he had left. She still loved the stars, so night walks were a regular thing. She adjusted the newborn in her ams, and smoothed out her raven hair.

"See, that one’s called Ursula Minor, and the other one is called Ursula Major-"

Jane gasped. A meteor shower had appeared out of nowhere. Jane smiled.

A million lightyears away, Loki smiled right back.